Frenzy Source

Z80 coin operated game

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The complete set of files are in frenzy.tgz but for those that just want to browse ancient assembler you can read the .asm files below.

Frenzy source files

align.asm bolts.asm books.asm charset.asm coins.asm color.asm control.asm demo.asm equs.asm factory.asm gameover.asm init.asm iq.asm job.asm main.asm man.asm nmi.asm pat2.asm pat3.asm pattern.asm play.asm powerup.asm robot.asm room.asm shoot.asm showa.asm skel.asm super.asm talk.asm title.asm uphigh.asm xsum.asm

I think the assembler was by TDL. A very expensive linker was used that allowed code to be put in ROM's in dirrefent address spaces. Development was done on my home S100 Z80 system and debugging was done on a tektronix box. The combined breadboard, in-circuit-emulator and deveolpment computer setup took up most of a 4 foot by 8 foot sheet of plywood and another smaller desk. The code was developed in the fall of 1981 to help Stern use up the remaining "Berzerk" boards. I did they game on an advance toward royalties. After the game was in production, they didn't pay me the royalties and I had to retain a lawyer to collect anything at all. That process took most of 1982 and cost me 10% of all monies collected.