S100 System

still running

S100_system.jpgHere is the S-100 system I restored to operation on Nov 11, 2007. Yes, that is a soldering iron on the left. One that I have had since 1976. It's a Weller and one of the most reliable, best designed things I every bought. I needed it today. You can see the edge of the solder roll I bought in 1976 in the bottom left. Both of those items were on hand when Frenzy was being programmed in my basement in 1981.
If you look in the back right you will see a HeathKit H19 terminal I built with the Weller and that solder!
2floppies.jpgThis is the inside of the dual floppy drive box. It was making some awful noises. And it is still as loud as a floor sander on a 727 at takeoff.
1floppy_drive.jpgCloser look at one 8 inch floppy drive. Note the High Voltage sticker in the back. There are two photo sensors toward the front - the position of the index hole on the floppy was different between Double Density and Standard Density floppies.
reverser_cable.jpgThis is the serial cable I made while developing Frenzy. I put a reversing switch by one end and both a male and female DB25 connector at the other end. I used this cable many a time when connecting two computers together. Unfortunately, it was broken - look at the yellow wire floating above the cardboard.

Today I connected the S100 console serial port to the serial port on one of my older PC's running Linux. I was able to get connected on the Linux side with one of my favorite unix commands: screen. I used "screen /dev/ttyS0 9600,sc8" then control-a capital-H to start a screen dump to file. Remembering CP/M commands didn't take very long, after all DOS was based on it.

Every once and while the keyboard seemed to be ignored. Control-a capital-B sent a break to the S100 system and always fixed the problem.