S100 computer system like the one that made Frenzy
Scans from my notebooks used while working on Frenzy
Frenzy assembler source code
Unused side art for Berzerk

Android TimeTest

I think I've found a problem with my Droid. The time is reports is always 14 to 15 seconds in the future. I thought I was imagining it but I wrote an app that clearly shows the Droid (cell tower based) time is not in sync with UTC.
Source for Android 2.0 time test
APK for Android 2.0 time test

Schooner built by a Rideout ancestor
Photo of Henry Milner Rideout (340x512)
Large Photo of Henry Milner Rideout (1140x1710)

lirc configuration - 4DTV
lirc configuration - gray hauppauge remote

mmv for Mac OSX Tiger

KCFW analog coverage (600x600)

distcc in action

Distrbuted compiling in action.